MTB Challenge



Ride a Mountain Bike through stunning tracks


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Cycling games are not something we see everyday, and if we talk about mountain bike games, that quantity of games gets even smaller. However, sometimes we play amazing games like this: MTB Challenge is one of those jewels that keep you glued to the computer trying to do your best time.

You can choose if you'll play online or offline. You can play offline and practice a bit and then, create your profile (it will take you not more than 30 seconds) and get into the online championship. You can compete on different tracks.

Usually there are online competitions, you'll have to qualify and then, you'll get a place in the race. Do your best and try to be the fastest rider.

The circuits where you'll ride your mountain bike are amazing. They are really well designed and they are stunning places such as the Big Wall or big mountains. You'll ride your bike at more than 100 Km/h, so be careful or your body will be decorating the floor.

If you want to enjoy a different cycling game, MTB Challenge is the perfect choice. The game system will keep you glued to the computer. Do your best time and challenge the rest of gamers. Those online competitions are the best excuse to be a whole afternoon riding your virtual mountain bike.
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